Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thinking my head may start spinning soon...

To say I have gotten overwhelmed lately would be a MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT.  I feel like there is no downtime.  This year has flown by, and I have no clue where it has gone.  Oh, I could tell you everything that has happened in this year, but it seems like we have been in a whirlwind.

We are making some progress on the house.  We have been working on the outside lately.  We cleaned out small, scrubby tree in the front of the house. We marked some of the bigger trees we intend to keep and decided about the driveway.  We are working on running the water lines outside.  We even have the water lines connected to the house.  Mike bought a utility trailer earlier this week, so we now have something we can go pick up supplies with.  Tomorrow, we will be working on the flooring in the bathrooms and utility room and finishing up the water lines outside.  This should be interesting to say the least.  Mike and I have never done tile work.

The Hillians have caused me to want to pull my hair out at times, especially Lukey and Jon Jon.  Lord, have mercy!!  Those two can get into just about anything.  Jon Jon turned five on Tuesday, but you would think he was close to 100 by the "birthday spankings" he got that day.  He and Lukey love to use the bits and pieces of Pex tubing that were left from the plumbing as swords.  They don't know the word careful.  They are enjoying the outside though. They will play for hours in the afternoons.  You would think they would be exhausted from all the running and would go to bed easily. NOPE!!!  They love to see just how many times they can get up to play and not get caught. UGH!!  It makes for a grouchy mama.

I had a busy month in October with my Tupperware business.  I do love me some Tupperware and love sharing the Tupperware opportunity with others.  I have an amazing team and can't wait to walk with them as they grow their businesses.  I made manager last month. YAY!!  I earned so many goodies last month.  I have gotten some of them in already, but I can't wait for the other coupons to load to get the others.  I'm going to ATL for Fall Fest next weekend. I am so excited.  I am thankful that I am able to bring income into our home to help with the doctor bills we have accumulated this year.  My goal for my business to it pay the taxes and insurance on our home each year. That will lighten Mike's burden and let him be at home more.  I also want to make enough to set aside money to do some fun things with the Hillians.  Life is flying by and they will be grown and gone before we are ready.

Keep smiling... it is almost the weekend.  Love ya bunches!


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An Oasis in the Desert said...

My head was and still is spinning from just reading all that you have going on! Good luck on building your home, and corralling those young boys -- boys will be boys, I guess! Thank you for visiting my blog post about our 5000 mile Christmas Vacation. We were actually traveling I-20, and I have no idea where that is from your home. We saw a lot of the country-side and a bit more of Abilene than we had planned, but it was a lovely trip!