Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I've been up to lately

I updated everyone on the happenings on our family the other day, but I didn't say what I had been doing... other than taking care of everyone else. Yes, I have spent quite a bit of time taking care of everyone else for months now... more than the regular mom of 7 duties. I had to take care of my grandparents the two weeks before Mike's auto accident.  Gma Jean fell and cracked her shoulder in a few places. Exactly a week later, Papa had surgery on his neck.  Then things REALLY kicked into high gear when Mike decided to be a crash dummy.  I love you, Babe!!

In March, I started thinking about all the room I would have in my new kitchen and dreaming of all the new Tupperware I would LOVE to fill it with.  I sold Tupperware many years ago when Andrew and Laura were itty bitty.  I loved it, and I still many pieces from then.  After drooling over the website a week or so, I contacted a Director and took the plunge.  If I was going to fill my kitchen with Tupperware, I wanted to do it with a discount.  You guys know how much I love discounts.  When my kit came in, I knew I was going to have to share my addiction with others to "support my habit."  LOL!!  No actually, I knew I wanted to lighten Mike's load and help finish our home with no debt.  Plus, it would get my out of the house for a little adult conversation.  I love my Hillians, but I need adult interaction as well.  The more I have done, the more I have dreamed.  I have earned so many cool products and rewards. I am learning different ways to provide great meals for my family without having to be in the kitchen for long periods of time.  The little Hillians are loving it too, b/c I have taught them some of the things I have learned.  They love that I let them make their own little cakes in the microwave.  I am loving that they are getting in the kitchen to learn these things.  Homeschool families read that as: Life Skills, Nutrition/Home Economics, Math. They help me with putting stickers on my catalogs, setting up for vendor shows, etc.  Again, homeschool families read that as: Business, Interpersonal skills, Problem Solving... you get the idea.  They love when packages are delivered to check out all the goodies that have been delivered.  They watch out for the FedEx guy.  My website is

I had to have surgery on my hip.  Sometime in June, my left hip started bothering me.  I could lift it up and down, but I couldn't let it move to the side.  I finally made a doctor's appointment and had to have an MRI.  It showed that I had a tear in the cartilage in the hip.  I was sent to an Orthopedic surgeon, and surgery was schedule. I had surgery on the 18th.  I am recovering well. I know I have done more than I probably should have, but the world doesn't stop because I had surgery.  I have to schedule my physical therapy. I'm not looking forward to it, but it is a necessary evil. I hope to be back to 100% soon.

That is what I have been up to lately!!  I pray this finds you all doing well.  Hoping to get a little sleep now.  Love ya bunches!


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