Monday, January 9, 2012

Where to begin?!

We really ended our 2011 year with a bang!!  I don't even know where to begin.  Mid December, Emi had to have 4 teeth pulled to make room for her permanent teeth.  She was such a trooper!  They pulled two teeth on each side of her front teeth on top.  We then scheduled to have 4 teeth on the bottom pulled for January 2nd. Insurance reasons were a main issue in waiting until the the new year to have them pulled.  Well... they were able to pull each tooth beside the front teeth, but she wasn't into having the other two pulled.  The pain meds weren't stronger enough.  The dentist decided to wait 6 months to get the other two teeth, instead of freaking her out.  I really HOPE this will postpone braces until she is much older.

The weekend after the kiddos got our of school for Christmas break, JJ came down with fifth disease.  It sounds worse than it really is.  It is a bad rash that looks horrible, but it is contagious.  Once they start breaking out, they are no longer contagious.  Well, Mr. Lukey and Mr. Jon Jon started with the fever that weekend, which meant I had to stay home with them and miss the Hill family Christmas.  No one else in the family got it.  Thank you Lord for that blessing.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.  Jonathan did NOT sleep well that night.  He woke up about the time I went to bed (which wasn't early) from letting Santa in the house.  He played well all Christmas Day, but he started running a high temp that night.  I made an appointment the next morning.  After making the appointment, I decided to take a peek in his ears with a flash light.  Yep, right ear was red and infected.  Left ear.... what in the world is that in his ear?!  Looked like a pink bead shoved way back into the ear canal.  No way I could get that out!  The doctor took a look into his ears and the right ear was indeed infected.  BUT, she thought the left ear had a blister on the ear drum that would rupture on its own.  Okay... I wasn't about to go poking around in his ear to confirm, so I decided to let the antibiotics do their job.  After a week on the antibiotics, the "blister" hadn't changed, so I made an appointment with our ENT.  Guess what!!  I was right, it was a pink bead.  I will say that the color and position of the bead could have been mistaken for a yucky ear.  Dr. Oliver dug it out for us while we restrained him and this is what he gave me....

Now, for Lukey's part of the bang for the end of the year.  The kids got  trampoline for Christmas from Santa.  No, it wasn't our idea, but they love it.  Anyway, they had all been feeling pretty crumby so they hadn't jumped on it until the Saturday after Christmas, Dec. 31.  The little ones jumped for a while with no incidence.  Now add Andrew (17) to the trampoline.  He decided to jump for a while with the little ones.  Lukey got off the trampoline after a few minutes to ride the little Powerwheels 4wheeler from Santa.  A few times, Andrew and Laura caught Luke trying to ride the 4wheeler under the trampoline, and they would make him turn it around.  Well, he slipped past them one time and as Andrew bounced down on his butt, he landed on the top of Lukey's head.  This was the result....

We made a run to the e.r. only to find out there was nothing they could do for it.  It has actually healed quickly.  He did enjoy his popsicle diet for a few days.  Andrew felt horrible about it, but it wasn't his fault.  Let's just hope Lukey has learned his lesson about being under the trampoline while others are jumping.

Yes, it was a wild ending to the year, but what can you expect with 7 kids?!  Life isn't going to be all smooth sailing, so we just have to learn to ride the waves.  I can't imagine life without Mike and the kiddos. 

As I begin this new year, my prayer for my family is that God will do whatever He needs to do to bring our family where He wants us to be.  Brave prayer?!  Yes, very brave.  But I know that whatever we face, He will never leave us.  I pray that we seek His will for our lives and not our own will.  I know I will never be perfect.  But I pray that I will always turn back to Him for guidance when I fail.

Now, it is time to get things rolling around here.  I pray you are having a wonderful day.  Love ya bunches.

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CAS said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this! Hope the new year is fairing much better. That trampoline incident could have been soooo..... much worse!