Monday, September 5, 2011

A funny for ya!

Okay, I promised to share some of the funnies that happen around the Hill household.  I'm still not feeling the "funny" in this story, but I KNOW you will.  I was in the laundry room Friday morning when Bekah came to tell me that chocolate milk was spilt (sp?  Who cares!)  in her bedroom.  I thought maybe Jonathan had gotten her cup from the counter, b/c Lukey has shown him just how to get what he wants.  I told her to get a towel and wipe it up.  I went in a few minutes later to put away the clothes I had been folding to find her trying to wipe up HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE SYRUP on her vanity.  Lukey had dumped out a WHOLE bottle on the vanity, carpet, and under the girls' bed.  Of course, he hid under their bed as soon as he heard me going back there, because he knew he was gonna be in some kind of MAJOR trouble.  I was furious!!  It took me HOURS to get it cleaned up.  I'm actually still cleaning it up... spraying carpet cleaner on it daily and scrubbing away.

I didn't take pictures of the mess.  I was too upset.  I'm sure if Laura would have been home, she would have reminded me to snap a few pics. I know I will look back and laugh at this with all the other things Lukey has done.

So now that I have made you all laugh, I am going to bed and praying that Lukey one day has a little one as creative as he is. :o)  Love ya bunches!


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Linda said...

Poor Mommy! I'm sure it wasn't funny at all... except for when you imagined Lukey with his own creative genius son one day. LOL!