Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They are finally on...

Laura had to be in Savannah at 8:30am yesterday.  She was scheduled to have her braces put on.  Lets just say she hasn't been in the best mood since she had to spacers put in on Thursday.  At least 8:30am, they called us back to pay the down payment, etc.  I think they called her back about 8:45am.  By 10:15am, her braces were on and she was ILL AS A RATTLESNAKE!! 

No, there are no pictures to post... because she won't let me take any!  I tried everything to sneak a picture, but nothing worked. 

When we got home, Andrew had spelled Laura's name on the bed with trains from a Rush Hour game we have.  She wasn't as amused as her big brother and Daddy.  We had to make her go to my parents' house for supper, because she said BooBoo (my sister) would pick on her. 

Oh my goodness, my beautiful, sensitive daughter, I love you!!  I know your mouth is sore..... I have been there.  It will all be worth it!

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