Monday, July 25, 2011

Dragging again...

I can see Lissa now tapping her fingers on the table wondering why I have been so slack about posting to the blog.  I love you, Lissa! :o)  The summer is almost over, and I feel like it just started!  Where did it go?  We have had a week of iKamp (Emi, JJ, & Laura), a week of Mission Possible (Andrew & Laura), a week of MFuge (Andrew & Laura),and 4 days of VBS (Emi, JJ, Bekah, & Luke).  Tomorrow night starts VBS for Bekah & Lukey, since they were too young for iKamp.  Andrew & Laura will be helping with it.  Add to that mix, Laura had 4 baby teeth pulled and braces put on.  I'm tired thinking about it.

Mike and I were suppose to go down to Orlando this coming week to teach a few couponing classes, but it didn't work out.  Speaking of couponing, did I mention I was in the Vidalia newspaper the last two weeks for an interview I was a part of about couponing?!  Mike tells everyone I was in the police blotter.  LOL!  I was interviewed along with 4 or 5 other women.  My pictures were in the paper this week.  Lukey said, "Dat's you!"  I thought it was kinda cool.

Mr. Jonathan David doesn't think he needs to go to bed.  He is walking around the house looking at stuff and saying, "Ma Ma, what's dat?!"  I answer that question a million times a day.  He isn't a baby anymore.  He will be 2 years old in just a few short months.  I miss my baby already.  He is learning from Lukey how to get into things.  Oh goodness! 

I hope to be more consistent with my postings.  Hopefully I will have pics to share soon.  Love ya bunches!

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