Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know....

I haven't been keeping you all updated on the happenings around here.  I didn't even look to see when I posted last.  Bad Charity!  I was waiting for Lissa or Jane to call me and tell me to get my butt busy typing.  June has been about to kill me.  I didn't even put up posts for Lukey and Emi's birthdays or Father's Day.  Very bad Charity!!!  Not gonna be the winner of Mommy or Wife of the Year award.

Lukey turned 3 on the 19th.  It was also Father's Day, so we went to church with my daddy.  Mike had to work, so we went out to eat at Zaxby's after church.  Lukey and Bekah went home to keep Granddaddy/Honey and Granny company for the afternoon.  We had supper at Papa & Grandma's.  Mike was home from work by then, so he got to join us.  Mike and Lukey went on their Daddy Date the next day.  They grabbed breakfast then came home, so Mike could go do some a/c jobs.

Emily turned 8 on the 27th.  She had her Daddy Date a few days early, b/c Mike was going to work the day of her birthday.  They went to the movies to see Cars 2.  After the movie, they went over to Bruster's (sp?) for ice cream.  The left the ice cream shop and went to have lunch at Nikko's Express.  Did I mention Emi had eaten most of a big bucket of popcorn at the movies?!  She complained all afternoon and evening that her stomach hurt.  Around midnight, she got sick all over her bed.  Just what I wanted to be dealing with at that time of night!!

Andrew and Laura have been at the church all week for Mission Possible.  They weren't able to take their phones, so I haven't heard from them since they left Monday morning.  I know they are having a blast.  I think they are going to the beach tomorrow.  By tomorrow night, they will be ready to crash.... and the 5 little Hillians will be ready to pounce on them.  They have asked every day when Bubbie and Laura (Wahwa) are coming home.  I guess Mommy isn't as fun as their big brother and sister. 

Sarah had gone to Pennsylvania to see Adam for his birthday, which means I have her little dog Sissy.  Lukey says that Sissy is his dog.  Guess we will see who wins that fight when BooBoo gets home.  Lukey, Jonathan, and Sissy love to play chase in the house.  It has been too hot or raining for them to go outside to run.  I am hoping we will get a little break in the heat so the little ones can go outside.

Well, I think I'm going to go start another load of laundry.  I am trying to conquer Mt. Washmore today.  It set me back when I fell asleep with Lukey this afternoon.  We took a 2 1/2 hour nap!  Jonathan slept longer than that.  Hope this finds all well.  Love ya bunches!


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