Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happenings at the Hill House

I think everyone knows that Lukey keeps things VERY interesting around here.  This week hasn't been an exception.  Monday night, he poured Moore's Buffalo wing sauce on the carpet under the table.  Last night while they were suppose to be getting ready for bed, he done this!

Yep, that is an ENTIRE 18 oz box of Rice Krispy cereal!  After he dumped it out, he scattered it all over the room.  The girls had been playing dressup and Barbie dolls and had not put those things away yet.  The cereal was EVERYWHERE!!  Stop laughing Lissa, Jane, and Michelle!!!  It took me forever to get that mess cleaned up.

This morning found us rushing over the Vidalia for Laura's dentist appointment.  She had to have 4 baby teeth pulled.  She will be getting braces on July 11th, so the baby teeth had to go.  She wasn't very happy with me when she came out.  She is doing well now, but I'm sure she will be sore.  Her mouth may have been numb, but her thumbs weren't!  Took me forever to get this picture.

I hope you all are doing well.  Remember to always let God direct your steps.  Love ya bunches!

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