Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching my breath....

This week has been mentally and physically exhausting.  I can't pinpoint one thing that would make me feel this way.  It has just been a long week.  The kids have been at each other which I'm sure it is because Mommy isn't in the best mood.  Pray that God will lift this irritable spirit I have.

Late yesterday brought the reality of just how dangerous Mike's job can be.  I got a call from one of Mike's close friends.  Bubba was calling to let me know that there had been an explosion at the plant, but he was safe.  Mike and Bubba are on the same crew and Bubba is like Mike's little brother, so you can imagine the panic that would have hit me when I watched the news just a few seconds later.  Mike was suppose to be working the 4pm-4am shift, but he had jury duty yesterday and missed work.  Around 4:10pm, a tanker truck exploded and one of the workers lost his life.  I praise God that Mike wasn't at the plant, but my heart is heavy for the wife that lost her husband.  We are never promised tomorrow and yesterday made me realize that.  I'm not promised that Mike will come home to me, so I should treasure each second we have together.  I can tell you that I would come unglued completely if I didn't have Mike to share the rest of my life.  Please keep the families of all involved in your prayers.

On a lighter note, Andrew starts softball tonight.  Oh how I have missed ball season!  I loved watching him play baseball.  Now he is old enough to play softball with the church team.  YAY!!!  I finally found the battery charger for my camera, so I will be snapping some pics of the Hillians cheering on their big brother.

I pray that you all are well and treasuring the special times with your family.  Let God lead each step you take.  Love ya bunches!

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Alicia said...

I'm glad all is well. How scarry. I pray God brings you joy, I really hate it when I get irritable.