Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm still here!

We haven't fallen off the planet.  We got home from Iowa and tried to recoop from tht trip and prepare for our trip to Pennsylvania.  We had a wonderful time visiting my brother Adam and his family despite the snow.  Have I mentioned that I don't really care for snow?!  It is pretty to watch falling, then I want it gone.  We had sleet and 5-6" of snow the first Sunday we were in PA.  Needless to say, this southern chick stayed in the room. 

The little ones passed around a little stomach bug while we were there.  I made a run to Walmart and bought all kinds of cleaners to get rid of the germies!  I spent several days in the room with the sickies while the rest of the family went out.

I forgot to take my camera with me several times, so I don't have many pics of the trip.  Kara made a cd of the pics she made, so I will be sharing those soon.  Thanks a million, Kara!!

Adam and Kara took Andrew and Laura to New York City.  I didn't want to go with all the little ones this time.  Maybe we will take on that adventure when they are a little older.  Laura has been wanting to go and Uncle Abba is such a softie when it comes to Laura.  He has told her several times that he would tell her how to get there, but Kara and I knew he would give in and take her.  SUCKER!!!

Well, I have a little one (Lukey) perched up on my shoulders like a parrot. Time to get up from here and be productive. Love ya bunches!

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