Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura!!!

What a beautiful young lady she has become!!  I can't imagine our life without her.  We have been faced with that reality with her when she was three years old; but praise God, He decided to let us keep her.  She is such a blessing to us.  The little ones LOVE their LaLa, their second mommy.  I pray God will continue to use her.  I know she will make a wonderful wife and mommy one day, but she is such a wonderful person now.  We love you, Laura!!



Caron said...

Happy Birthday Laura. May your day be all that you wish, want & need it to be. (((Laura)))

Alicia said...

You have a lovely family and are quite blessed. I found you through Jessica's blog and just started my own. I had to comment because your daughter Laura resembles my daughter Latisha. Latisha is a couple year older but also a December (28)baby, and it sounds like Laura is a big help like Latisha. God bless you and your home

Mom of the Hillians said...

Glad you found us, Alicia. I haven't blogged as much lately, but I hope to start posting on a regular basis again soon.