Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year gone, another year beginning

I am just like everyone else... I can't believe 2010 is over!  Where did it go?!  It seems like we just celebrated its beginning last month.  There were lots of changes and happenings in our family.  Here are a few highlights of the year.

We adjusted to life with our 7 blessings from above.  Boy, do they ever keep us busy!  But as crazy as this sounds, our family doesn't seem huge.  I know we draw attention when we are out and about, because who has so many children these days.  I love it!!  I can't imagine life without them.  I would have LOVED to add more to our "small army," but Mike said no.  Breaks my hearts, but he is the head!

This year was a doozy for Mike healthwise.  He had a bout with a kidney stone in February, which ended in him having surgery to have it crushed.  I hope I never have to see him in that much pain again.  It was horrible, and there was nothing I could do to take it away.  In May, Mike decided to end the possiblity of any more little Hillians, so he had THAT surgery on Friday.  What he was thinking at this point is beyond me, but he scheduled to have his wisdom teeth out the following Monday.  Now that is a story that is FUNNY!!!  He was quite a bit of entertainment after I got him home from the wisdom teeth surgery.  Lets just say, he was far from being awake and has no clue as to the laughter he caused that day.

Jacob had to have surgery this year as well to have his adenoids removed.  The week after surgery, he got a nasty stomach bug.  He didn't eat well for a couple weeks and had the weight loss to prove it.  But he has made up for it since!  He is back to his old ways.

Andrew became a LEGAL driver this year.  He has been driving on the farm for years, but now he can drive everywhere!  I love not having to run to town for the little things or having to run them here or there.

This year I really started improving my couponing skills.  Thanks Michelle for your guidance!!  I met a challenge Mike gave me in October, and we will be making a trip to the mountain in TWO DAYS!!!  I am looking forward to the time I will have to spend with him.  I was able to teach a couponing class and loved it!  I am looking forward to teaching many more in 2011.

We lost a dear member of our family, Aunt Lisa Thompson.  What a testimony of faithfulness she was!  She let God use her and in the end, He rewarded her with a new body in Heaven free of cancer!!  It is still hard to think of her being gone from our lives here on earth.  I can't imagine the grief Uncle Marty, Colby, and Devin feel.  Please continue to remember them in your prayers.  We enjoyed a day of baking with them on Christmas Eve... something we done with Aunt Lisa.  As hard as it was to be there and her not be with us, I know she was looking down from Heaven smiling.  She probably even had a good laugh at mine and Colby's first attempt at peanut butter cookies.

What I pray for most in this new year is a stronger walk with God for my entire family.  I pray that we will step out of His way and allow Him to lead us in His plan for our lives.  I look forward to the memories we will make as a family. 

Love ya bunches!

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