Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will this ever go away?!

It is now Thursday morning.  Mike, Laura, and I are still sick.  Mike has been on antibiotics since Tuesday and still has 100+ degree temp.  His throat is killing him.  I think he is planning to try to get an appointment today to see what is going on.  Laura and I still have low grade temps and sore throats.  My ears are hurting, and I started with a cough last night after 11.  How nice!!!  We do have appointments w/ Dr. Hawkins this morning, so maybe we will be on the road to recovery soon.  I am ready for some relief.  Mike has been snoring something AWFUL since he has been sick.  That means I haven't slept b/c I am constantly bumping him and telling him to change the position he is sleeping in.... not that it has helped.  To add to all this fun, Jonathan acts like he isn't feeling well.  My jolly little baby is crabby.  He hasn't slept well the past couple nights.  I have put him in bed w/ us and even that hasn't really helped.  Guess I need to see if I can get him in to see Dr. Z late this afternoon.  I just LOVE spending entire days in doctors' offices.  I don't want to hear, "Well you shouldn't have so many kids then!"  If I do hear it, I am sure I will have to apologize later for what I say at that moment.  I could jump on my soapbox and go into the fact that I am not calling someone to come get the kids b/c I can't handle it.  I have had offers to keep some of them, but they are my responsibility so I will suck it up and deal w/ it. 
Guess I need to jump up from here now before I get that soapbox out.  Love ya bunches!

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Goin_Coastal said...

Sending love and prayers to the Hillians! Hope you all feel better soon, and wishing you all well. Soapbox and all, LOL!