Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And the week continues....

Yesterday was somewhat productive.  Worked more in the schoolroom.  Took a nap w/ Lukey.  Worked with Lukey on potty training.  Talk to "MyLissa" on the phone.  Got some (and I mean some) laundry done.  Cut Mike and JJ's hair.  I'm sure I got more done, but my brain isn't awake.  I am not up to thinking mode yet.
Daddy came over yesterday after he got off work.  He came to take Emi fishing.  I was able to snap a few pics, but a storm was coming up.  I was afraid I would get caught at the pond w/ my camera so I came back into the house to finish supper.  I think they stayed out another 10 mins or so, until the lightning got too close.  They came to the house to wait it out... just in time for supper.  We loved having Honey/Granddaddy over.  Of course, the rain ended about the time we finished eating, so back to the pond they went.  Daddy called me later to tell me some of the conversations that he and Emi had.  That girl is a HOOT!!  She has always had a bigger than life imagination.  When the fish wouldn't bite, she taught Honey a lullaby to sing to them.  Part of it was, "fall asleep with your mouth open, and we will drop a cricket in it..."  I wish I could remember it all.  Daddy was laughing the entire time he was telling me.  I will have to post the few snapshots I got later today. 
Well, time to start another load of laundry.  Love ya bunches!

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