Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So nice to have a few days at home....

We have had nowhere to go the past two days, so it was nice to hang out at home with all the kids.  Yesterday was a slightly productive day.  I was able to work on some of the bookcases in the schoolroom.  Now you may be asking only working on a few bookcases is productive.  YES!  We are book poor in this house.  We have 8 bookcases in the schoolroom, each full.  What can I say, we LOVE books!  The Book Fairy has blessed us with many books over the years. And with 7 kids, we have just collected many more.  Some are well worn.... Where The Wild Things Are comes to mind immediately.  We have 4 copies... two paperback (Andrew & JJ's copies) and then two hardback copies.  It has been a favorite of our boys.  I was also able to get some laundry done while working in the schoolroom.  I picked up toys, but they seem to have made their way back to the floor this morning.  I will get the kiddos on that this afternoon while Lukey and Jonathan are napping.
We have had an exciting development this week.  Lukey is potty training himself!!!  He turned 2 last month, but I really wasn't going to try him for a few more months.  I haven't had great success trying to potty train this early.  They just didn't seem ready.  Lukey hasn't exactly been the easiest child up to this point.. unless you count easy to climb and get into mischief.  Well, apparently Lukey thinks he is ready.  While I was working at one of the bookcases, he ran into the schoolroom with no diaper.  This has been a major problem over the last few days.  I called Laura to get him, b/c she could get to him easier than I could.  Lukey yells, "I pooped!"  To that Laura yelled, "Oh no!  He has!"  At this point I am scared to death that there is poop smeared all over a wall or the floor in some part of the house.  Nope, his diaper was in the bathroom floor.  He had taken it off and got himself up on the toilet to finish his business.  YAY LUKEY!!!  We made a HUGE deal of him going to the bathroom in the potty and found him some big boy undies to wear.  He has not had an accident.  He took a 2 or 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon and stayed dry.  Oh... to only have one in diapers will be a dream!!!
As I am sitting here typing away on my blog, Emi, JJ, and Bekah are sitting at their computer table playing games.  Bekah is actually just watching b/c she let JJ have a turn on the computer she was sitting at earlier.  What a sweet little thing!  I could just eat her up.  They all do love playing some computer games!! 
Well, it is time for me to finish the bookcases and get other things done.  Love ya bunches!

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