Thursday, April 29, 2010

A rude awakening....

I fell asleep on the couch last night while watching NightLine.  Woke up at 1am by Luke crying and I could tell he was in the schoolroom.  I got up to get him, but he had already made it to Laura's room.  She apparently picked him up to put him in bed w/ her, when I heard, "Oh man!  Mama, he's puked!"  My response?!  What can you say other than, "Oh no!"  Andrew cleaned him up while Laura pulled the sheets off her bed that he had rubbed off onto.  I got JJ outta their bed and stripped the bed, etc.  Nothing like washing sheets after you had just washed them and remade the bed a few hours before.  I went into the girls' room to do something and noticed Bekah had something on her face. Yep!  She had gotten sick too and was starting to gag again.  That required her having a bath complete with hair washing and their bed to be stripped.  Thought about making a pot of coffee at that point.  We got up this morning to the fact that Bekah had gotten sick again during the night, but didn't wake up.  Thankfully, it just got on the bedding and not her.  Still not sure how that happened, but I'm thanking God for the small miracle.  Then another bomb dropped, JJ started vomitting!  **sighs**  I have to say that it has been interesting around here this morning.  I'm just praying that no one else gets it. 
Love ya bunches!


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