Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another weekend in the books...

Our weekend started with Laura going to a middle school youth hangout at church.  What a nice surprise to get to the church and find our niece Aylissa there!  One of her friends from school had invited her.  She must've had a great time b/c she sent Laura a text Saturday morning wanting to go to church with us today.  Of course Aunt Charity said yes to going to pick her and Olivia up.  It was a treat for us to have them with us in church this morning.  I think they are both wanting us to pick them up for Wednesday night.
Saturday morning found Mike up and gone early to do a/c jobs in Springfield and Savannah.  I was up early cooking for the Chumley family.  Ricky and Mike Chumley lost their mother this week.  Please remember them in your prayers. Because the funeral was at the church, the double-header soccer games were cancelled.  The kids got a chance to sleep in, and believe me... I let them sleep as late as they wanted!
Saturday afternoon, Mike and I went to a memorial service for a lady that was very dear to my heart, Mrs. Betty Elders from Reidsville.  She is the grandmother to a very special friend for life, Brittany.  Grandma Betty was one of a kind.  You never had to worry about not knowing where you stood with her, b/c she let you know.  Her door was always open for a visit.  She will be greatly missed.  But as much as we all will miss her, it is a blessing to know her suffering is over and she is sitting at the feet of our Heavenly Father.  I love you Grandma!  Please remember Brittany and her family in your prayers also as they adjust to life without such a great lady.
Mike and I enjoyed supper out last night.  It was nice to have a few hours "alone" (Jonathan was with us.)  And yes JuJu, we went to Walmart to buy groceries on our date.  It was getting serious around here.  We had TWO rolls of toilet paper in the house and you know with this many behineys to wipe, it was almost a crisis.  We would have gone to Lowe's too if I would have thought about it.  There are several things I need to buy for the little boys' room.  Guess that means we will HAVE to have another date soon. :o) 
We enjoyed a wonderful service this morning.  Then, we had lunch with Papa Harold and Grandma Jean.  We were trying to empty Grandma's fridge of all the food we had left over from feeding the Chumley family.  After a delicious meal and some visiting, we all came home to take a much needed nap.  I have to say without feeling guilty that I slept the afternoon away and it was WONDERFUL!!!!  I don't sleep well at night, so a nap is always a treat.  Mike says I'm part vampire.  He better watch it or I might bite him.  After Mike got up from his nap, he and Andrew started working on the trim in the boys' room.  YAY!  Maybe I will get the bunkbeds put up this week?!  The trim for the top of the wall is proving to be a challenge.  It is making my men use their thinkers!  I will post some pics as soon as we get the room finished.  I'm kinda scared to take pics of them while they are working.  I might get the "California howdy."
Well, I'm off here to fold some clothes, put clothes in the dryer, and start another load.  Love ya bunches!

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mhsands said...

You make me tired just reading what you do! Sorry we had to cancel!!! Believe me, I'll be back! :P