Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank you God...

After the past week and a half, all I can say is Thank You God!  Thank you that I didn't pull my hair out, b/c everyone, even me, was cranky beyond words.  Thank you for OTC meds are available to treat colds, b/c Mike and a few of the little ones were sick.  Thank you that Luke did NOT need stitches after falling off the dining room chair because he wanted to be at the table w/ everyone else.  Thank you for our emergency fund b/c we had been in the doctor's office every week since the beginning of the year for one child or another, even if some visits were for nothing more than a well child checkups.  Thank you for your forgiveness and love even when I lost my cool and said something I shouldn't have said.  Thank you for my friends that pray for me daily, b/c I sure do need it.  Thank you for two very responsible teenagers who will pick up my slack when I collapse in the bed all afternoon b/c I feel so bad.  Thank you for a husband that works so hard to provide for our family even when he is sick.  Thank you for our turtle Leo, even when his tank is such a pain to clean, b/c he brings so much joy to our children.  Thank you for take-out, especially when I've spent an hour and half in the doctor's office with a sick little one and feel too bad to cook lunch.  Thank you for so many clothes even when Mt. Washmore begins to appear to high to conquer, b/c it means we haven't had to go naked YET.  And Thank you God for helping me to realize that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
Love ya bunches!


mhsands said...

Thank you for the best SIL in the world!

Mom of the Hillians said...

Yes, I am blessed w/ a SIL who is more like a Sister. Love you bunches!