Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a few ramblings..

Yesterday was a so-so day.  It wasn't the best, but I have had MUCH worse.  JJ wasn't coughing as much during the day, but when I checked him, he had a low grade temp.  Last night, he tried every excuse to stay up.  He was going to sleep on the couch again.  I slept on the big couch (if you can call it sleeping), so I would hear him if he was sick during the night.  After 11pm, he still wasn't asleep and even tried to get the little sweeper.  He said he was going to vacuum for a little while.  I made him get back on the couch, and I turned out the lights.  He finally went to sleep.
Mike called me yesterday afternoon wanting to know my plans for the evening.  He said he hadn't spent much time w/ Andrew lately, so he thought they would go riding around for about hour or so after work.  They went riding alright... right to Lowe's!  They bought me a new Weber grill.  I'm sure you are thinking... "She is excited about a grill?!"  Yes I am!!  I love to grill.  They tried to surprise me, but I heard them drive up and caught them trying to put it together.  I will be grilling some chicken tonight!
Melissa has been working on pics that she took at Bekah's party on Saturday.  They look awesome!  Looking at them makes me realize my babies are growing up.  Andrew and Laura look so grown up.
Well time to get busy.  Love ya bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Sorry you have a lil one sickly. That is just no fun! :o(
They do grow up soooo fast! I love all the pics from the party. You have such an amazingly cute family.