Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bekah's party and the new "jumpoline"

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We celebrated Bekah's 3rd birthday yesterday.  Even though there weren't many people attending, we had a blast.  Of course, Aunt Lissa was there snapping pictures.  Love you Lissa!  Thank you so much!  My camera was acting crazy.  I'm thinking the shutter wasn't closing fast enough.  I will cry if it doesn't start working right.  I guess I can't complain though, b/c I have had it since Emi was a baby.  Bekah loved her Tinkerbell candle.  She got a set of Tinkerbell walkie talkies that she took with her to Honey & Granny's house last night.  hehehehe  Uncle Tracy, Aunt Lissa, and Matt Matt bought her a new tutu set, which she put on as soon as we got home.  We took two cute pics that didn't turn out b/c of the shutter malfunction.  I was so upset when I downloaded the pics and realized what had happened.
When we got home from the party, Mike and Andrew decided to put the "jumpoline" together.  The box had been sitting outside under a tarp for a week and a half waiting for the weather to be decent and Mike to have some free time.  I was the first to jump on it thanks to Mike. :o)  It was almost dark when they got it finished but we let the kids jump anyway.  They were excited beyond words.  Thank you Uncle Todd and Aunt Kathi.  I think it is going to be a lifesaver this spring when the kids are full of energy. 
Jacob had us hopping in the middle of the night.  The poor little guy was coughing so much and so hard that it made him sick.  He had a low grade temp when he went to bed.  I'm praying it isn't his ears again.  If so, I think I'm going to mention tubes.  I made him a bed on the loveseat and I slept on the couch so I could hear him if he got sick again.  He coughed all night.  Mike sounded the same way when he got up at 2am to go to work.  I just hope they keep it to themselves.
Well, my littlest man is hungry and I'm the only one that can help him.  Enjoy the slideshow.  Love ya bunches! 

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