Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aaahhhhhh.... peace and quiet

The oldest 6 kids are in bed.  Yep!  Even Andrew and Laura!  I was sick of the crabby attitudes, so I sent them off to bed.  I thought that it was better for them to go to bed than for me to start yelling.  I really don't care that they didn't get to finish watching the movie Up! that came today from Netflix.  I was tired of speaking to them about their attitudes with no positive results.  It wasn't doing much for my attitude either.  Maybe they will all be in better moods when they wake up in the morning.  Lord, please change my attitude so that I can be a positive example for my family.  I know my attitude sets to tone for the home.  I want my home to be relaxing and loving... with Your love surrounding us.
Mike still isn't feeling well.  He has a kidney stone moving about ever so slightly.  I don't like it when my man isn't feeling well.  He says he is going to work tomorrow.  I pray that the day will pass quickly, and he can come home to rest for the weekend.  His cold/sinus infection still isn't completely better.  Lord touch his body and give him strength.  Help him to sleep well tonight.
Jonathan is getting the same junk that everyone else has been sick with for a week and a half.  He starts gagging when he tries to eat.  I slept sitting up on the couch for several hours holding him.  My arms ache.  He is 13 lbs now.  I have used the saline nose drops.  I have sat in a steamy bathroom.  He doesn't have fever, so I'm just trying to wait it out.  Lord, touch his little body.  Help him to sleep peacefully through the night. 
Love ya bunches!

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