Monday, February 22, 2010


The little boys' bedroom is completely painted!!!  Yes, Andrew and I worked on it Saturday and conquered that project.  Now, it is waiting for my hunk of a hubby to start feeling better so he can put up the molding.  I have already bought the bedding and curtains, so I won't have to wait around for the mood to strike me to go shopping. :o)  I'm kinda getting excited.  One room painted... four more to go.
I can't remember if I posted that Mike had surgery on Thursday.  The plan was for Dr. M to go up w/ a basket and drag the stone out.  Did he do that?  That would be a big ole NO!  He went up and broke the stone into pieces.  He also placed a stent to keep the tube open.  When he walked into the room before surgery, his first comment to Mike was, "You sure didn't try to pass this thing very long."  Okay, can you imagine the look on Mike's face at that point?!  Let's just say he didn't think it was funny.  After surgery when he came out to talk to me while Mike was in recovery, he said he didn't think Mike could have ever passed the stone no matter how long he waited.  Ummm yeah, we kinda figured that after TWO weeks of major pain.  I wasn't excited to have to tell Mike that he still has his stone only now it was in pieces, AND he would have to pass them.  Nor was I excited to tell him that he was going to have to have the stent removed in 5-10 days and I had heard that it is very painful.  Mike said he would not use Dr. M again, nor would he recommend him to anyone.  The reason we went ahead with the surgery was because we are leaving for Iowa in two weeks and didn't want to worry about him being in pain.  Say a prayer for him!
Speaking of Iowa, we are getting so excited!  The kids are talking about it every day.  They keep asking about what they can take with them.  I have my lists started.  Yes Julie, I have lists too.  I don't want to forget to do, buy, or pack something.  I washed the van today.  It is a little early, but the afternoon was beautiful.  It gave me a reason to be outside.  Andrew and I also washed Mike's car for him.  I wanted to do something for him to let him know I appreciate everything he does for us.
Well, I think I'm going to get some rest.  I have a busy two weeks about to start.  Love ya bunches! 


Julie_3 said...
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Julie_3 said...

Where to start.... First, I pity Mike! I had two seperate bloackages and a stent and I KNOW the pain. Tell him that he will do far better to be under general ansthesia than to be awake for that removal. I wish I had taken that route!
I am so glad you are moving along on the painting and projects. I love the feeling of finishing something!!
Yay!! You are a woman meant to be my friend for life.. lists are our friends. I need them, like the crops need rain!
I hope you cats have a safe and fun trip. I know you all enjoy this adventure every year.
I will keep you posted... we leave for SC to house hunt in just a few hours and will not return til Wed. evening. Send prayers our way. :o)

Love you bunches... give my gran a hugger from me and tell Mike that I had a really good experince with Dr.Byron out of Jesup. He would prolly like him also.