Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it almost the weekend?!

Why does it seem like time is flying by?  We are leaving from vacation on March 5, and the days are flying by.  Okay, I know that seems crazy to be implying that time is going by too quickly when we are counting down for vacation.  BUT, we had hoped to get some things finished up around here before we left.  Mike and Andrew started to put up the molding in the boys' room this morning while Mike wasn't hurting so bad.  Guess what!  We only had about 10 paneling nails.  What?!  I thought we had a whole box in the cabinet in the laundry room, but Mike used those in the girls room.  **sigh**  So, off to Lowe's and Walmart we went to pick up the molding for the top of the walls and more nails.  I also needed to go to Wally World for some groceries and other stuff.  On the way to Vidalia, Mike's phone rang... service call.  That meant the room wouldn't get finished today.  Oh well!  Tomorrow the guys are going to get much needed haircuts and I'm taking the van to get the oil changed.  Two things to mark off my To Do list.  Then we will have to buy the girls' tennis shoes, all the girls need haircuts, etc.
Mike went to see Dr. M yesterday afternoon.  Not a good visit!  I'm so thankful we are finished with him.  Mike was beyond furious when he left the office.  He called me after he left to give me the update.  Mike asked him why he didn't drag the stone out instead of breaking it up.  He just kept telling Mike that he broke it up.  Then, he couldn't see the string to pull out the stent, so he told Mike to pull the stent out at home when he saw the string.  Oh my goodness!!!  I'm sure at that point Mike was ready to lay hands on him, and it wasn't for the purpose of praying for him.  Mike came home, took a pain pill, and removed the stent.  Poor guy!  I couldn't stay in the room, so I got on the bed to be close in case he fell out in the floor.  He was a strong man and didn't freak me out, but I could tell it wasn't something he wants to experience again.
Sarah brought her dog over here last night for us to keep until Tuesday or Wednesday.  They left at 1am to go to Pennsylvania.  Adam, Kara, and Makenna will be welcoming Logan into their family tomorrow by c-section.  We are so excited to have another little blessing added to the family.  What a blessing God is giving them after all the hard times they have endured.  Please join us in praying that everything will go smoothly tomorrow with the delivery and Kara's recovery.  We will be visiting in a couple weeks to get some baby sugie. :o)
Well, I'm off to do a little housework.  Love ya bunches!

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