Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, Friday, Friday

Oh my!  It is finally the weekend, but it looks like it will be as busy as the week.  I will need a week to rest from the weekend ahead.  Mike, Andrew, and JJ got haircuts this morning.  They look like boys again!  This afternoon, Andrew and I took the van to have the oil changed and serviced.  Two jobs marked off the list! 
I have a funny little story about our wait at the car dealership today.  While I was waiting to sign the paperwork to have the van serviced, Andrew took Jonathan into the waiting area to get him out of the cold.  I got in there about 2 minutes later.  Andrew was talking with Jonathan when one of the women that worked there walked in.  She was looking at Jonathan and talking to Andrew.  She asked him if I was his wife... LOL!!!!  Andrew said, "No ma'am, that's my mama!"  Wait, it gets better!!!  The lady says, "Oh!"  She goes on talking to Jonathan and Andrew.  She asked Andrew if "Grandma kept him most of them time."  The woman thought Jonathan was Andrew's son and I was the grandma.  Go ahead JuJu, laugh your behiney off!  I told her several times that he was mine, but I guess she thought I was talking about Andrew.  Finally I said, "They are both my sons.  Andrew is my oldest and Jonathan is my oldest.  They are two of seven kids."  She gave me that look then like there was no way I had seven kids.  She asked my age and said I didn't look my age.  Okay, I was happy to know that I don't look almost 35.  Andrew was trying his best not to laugh at the woman.  I can't believe it took her that long to realize what I was saying to her.  We have had a good laugh this afternoon.
Before lunch today, Emily came to me asking me to pull her tooth.  The tooth really wasn't loose enough to need pulling, but I was sick of hearing about it.  I tried to pull it a couple times, but couldn't get a good grip on it.  She has such tiny teeth.  She kept telling me it hurt too bad, so I put some Orajel on it.  Andrew told her to squeeze his hand when it hurt.  Of course, he put on quiet a show about how she was "breaking his hand... squeezing too hard... etc." to keep her mind off what I was doing.  She was saying, "Ouch!  Mommy it is hurting too bad.  You gotta stop, b/c I can still feel it."  I told her to stop b/c it was over.  It didn't register to her that I was trying to put the napkin in the space where the tooth used to be.  Andrew told her to look in my hand.  She looked and said, "Oh!  Hey Andrew, you were squealing like a girl when I was squeezing your hand!"  Water works off, unstoppable laughter on. 

Here are a couple of pics I took last night of Jonathan.  Isn't he a cutie?!  He is almost 4 months old.
Well, time to get productive.  We are going to Savannah tomorrow to get shoes for the girls.  Love ya bunches!