Friday, December 18, 2009

Aaaahhhhhhh Home!

After two days... yes TWO... of shopping in SAV, I am so glad that I have nowhere to go today.  My poor legs and feet are killing me today.  I think I have almost finished my shopping.  I still need to get something for Grandma Jean.  I am also clueless as to what to get my sweet hubby.  I had thought about a Garmin GPS, and I even made a call to Uncle Marty to see what kind to get, etc.  I just don't know what features Mike wants, etc.  It may be something like I wrap up a note saying he is getting the GPS of his choice, and then plan a date around us going to pick it out. :o)  Hmmmm... that sounds like a winner to me!  He will get his GPS, and I will get a little time alone w/ him.  Okay, maybe not ALONE b/c Jonathan will have to go with us, but he is still little.
I have to share about something that a complete stranger done for me last night.  We met Mike for supper in Pooler after he finished up an a/c job.  He was so sweet and offered to take Luke home w/ him, b/c I still needed to go to Walmart and Luke was way past done with the whole shopping thing.  B/c Mike had to be at work at 4am today, he took Andrew home with him also to watch Luke.  Laura and I, along w/ the rest of the little ones, went to Wally World.  Laura put Emi, JJ, and Bekah in a shopping cart and entertained them while I finished "seeing Santa."  After I paid for all of that and put it in the back of the van (covered w/ a sheet), I went back into the store to find them and finish my grocery shopping.  I knew I was not going to make another trip to town to do my grocery shopping today.  Anyhoo, by the time we were finishing up, it was getting close to 11pm.  My little Jonathan had been such a good baby for the two days of shopping, but he was getting hungry and his poor little tummy was churning.  As soon as I started unloading my cart at the cash register, I heard him start a bad diaper.  He wasn't happy, and he was letting us know it.  I couldn't walk away to go change him, so he just had to hang out until I was finished.  All throughout getting the groceries, we kept passing an older couple that was getting their groceries also.  They were so sweet and kept commenting on how well behaved the kids were.  I thought the kids were getting antsy, but apparently they were being good compared to other kids in the store.  Anyhoo, the couple had checked out several lanes down from us, and heard Jonathan screaming at this point.  The lady came over and asked if we needed any help w/ loading our groceries.  I told her we would get them, b/c I knew it was getting late and they had their things to unload.  When we got to our van, she came walking up to us and told me that she just couldn't let me load the van by myself.  You know, I was at complete peace with her.  I am very aware of my surroundings when we come out of a store b/c I don't want to be caught offguard by someone.  Usually I have all kinds of red flags going up if someone that I don't know walks up to us.  With her, I didn't.  It was as natural as if it were one of my grandmas walking up to us.  Her husband stayed in the car b/c she said he had just had surgery recently and couldn't lift anything heavy.  And as soon as she said that, I remembered he was pushing an empty cart for support while she was pushing the cart w/ their groceries.  Anyway, she helped me unload a huge cart of groceries while Laura tended to Jonathan.  I wish I would have gotten her name and address to send her a thank you note, but I was trying to get the kids a drink box opened when we finished unloading the groceries.  All I can do now is pray that God will bless that couple and their family and send someone to help them if they are ever in need.  God sends us help just when we need it.
Time to get some things done.  All the groceries that didn't need refrigeration are still sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor.  Time to put them away.  Love ya bunches!

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