Saturday, November 28, 2009

What were we thinking?!

Mike and I had a lapse in judgement EARLY yesterday morning.  Yep, we decided to join the other crazy people in participating in Black Friday.  Mike had to work Thanksgiving night, 4pm to 4am.  I left home around 3am to meet him at work, so we could catch a few of the sale items. 
Our first stop we going to be Target.  The line was from Target's front door all the way to Bass Pro Shop's front door.  Needless to say, we decided to go to Walmart.  There were 300+ people waiting in line to check out by 5:15am, most with 1-3 flat screen tvs in their buggies.  Most of what we ended up buying (a tv, towels, etc.) weren't Christmas gifts.  We did snag a few things as Christmas gifts.  Next year, Andrew will be old enough to drive alone, so I can send him and Laura to one store if needed while Mike and I hit the other store.  That is... if there are any decent sales.  Overall, I really didn't see anything that I couldn't live without.  I definitely did NOT go w/ the intention of buying a new tv yesterday, but my hubby wanted it. 
We took Jonathan with us for MY comfort.  If he wasn't nursing, I would have left him snug in his bed.  But, he spent his morning snuggled close to me in the baby carrier w/ a blanket around him to keep the germies away.  I didn't want people thinking that could touch him, b/c he was in the stroller or in his carseat in the buggy.  My little man was such a trooper.  He slept through most of the trip.  He even had his first trip to Sam's Club, with MANY more trips to come in the future.
Speaking of my little man, he is awake and HUNGRY.  Love ya bunches!

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