Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

This was a busy weekend, and they all will be this way until the beginning of 2010.  The kids were invited to two parties from 2-4pm on Saturday... one in Reidsville, one in Swainsboro.  We went to the party in Reidsville, since we got their invitation first.  The kids had a blast on the jumping castle.  Thank you to the Bennett's for inviting us to Trent's party! 
After we left the party, I decided against going to the grocery store b/c Mike said we would go to Vidalia.  Andrew was wanting to watch the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game, so I had to set up the new 32" tv that Mike bought Friday.  Of course by then, there was no pulling the kids away from their new toy.  They love the bigger tv.  Mike and I took Jonathan w/ us and got our groceries bought in record time. :o)
We finally went back to church Sunday morning.... Jonathan's first time.  It was the first Sunday Mike wasn't working, so I waited until we could go as a family.  I also needed the extra time to recover.  It was so good to be back w/ my church family.  I did manage to sit through at least half of David's sermon before Jonathan had an explosive diaper. 
Mike, Jonathan, and I were asked to play the parts of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the First Baptist Church Statesboro's program.  Mike has to work, so he can't do it.... but Jonathan and I can.  We had practice yesterday afternoon.  I have to say that I think the program is going to be amazing!  They have all worked so hard to get ready.  I can't wait to see the set at Wednesday night's dress rehearsal.  It was so good to see Mrs. Dorothy again.  She was the receptionist at Dr. Palmer's office, but retired in July.
We had supper at RJ's for Mike's daddy's birthday.  It was good to spend time with most of the family.  Of course, Lissa had a camera and snapped a few pics.  I baked a pound cake before church, b/c homemade cakes are always better than store bought cakes.  I think I made Matthew happy.  I know JJ was happy to see Matthew.
Well, it is time to conquer Mt. Washmore once again.  Love ya bunches! 


mhsands said...

When is the play? U best get busy so you can have a baby Jesus next year!!! I got lots of pictures... everyone with their mouths open and shoveling food in! The cake was delish! I may can sneak a piece while M is at judo!!!

Mom of the Hillians said...

You know he measured AND weighed that piece of cake before he left. He will know if one crumb is missing.