Monday, October 12, 2009

A sneak peak!

I have an ultrasound this morning.  Jonathan actually halfway cooperated for a 4D picture.  Trying to get his weight and measurements was another story.  The best measurement we could get puts him weighing about 5 lb, 9 oz. right now.  I still have 3 weeks until my induction, so I'm thinking he will be around 7 lbs at birth.  Dr. Palmer did say that at this point, he will not stop my labor if I go early.  YAY!!! 

I think Jonathan looks a lot like Bekah when she is sleeping.  He does seem to have Papa Harold's pug nose, just like JJ.  Looking at these pics really makes me ready to have him and hold him in my arms.  This pregnancy has flown by, but I'm sure it will start dragging now that I'm so anxious to see him.

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Julie_3 said...

Ok, if we go early.. you have my digits... I am putting camera batteries on the chargeres RIGHT NOW!!!! Hope all goes well and you have a really quick 3 more weeks! It will all be over before we know and it and then Lissa and I can blind you all with flashes!