Sunday, October 11, 2009

A new look for the Hillians blog!

First, the Book Fairy pays a visit to the Hillian home this week.  Then, the Blog Fairy gave us a new look.  How blessed is that?!  Laura is already awwwing over the new look.  Now, we are just waiting on another blessing to make his appearance.  It should be interesting to see who makes it to the hospital w/ their camera first... Lissa or Julie.  Jonathan will look like he has been in the tanning bed by the time those two are finished w/ pics.  LOL 
As I'm typing this, there is a movie trailer for the movie Where The Wild Things Are.  JJ is jumping up and down w/ excitement.  The book was Andrew and JJ's favorite.  They both wore out a paperback copy each.  Luke is just now getting to where he will sit down for about two seconds to listen to someone read.  I'm sure he will love the book also.
And just a note... Andrew finished that book Friday night.  Thank you Lissa for the books and new blog layout.  Love ya bunches! 


mhsands said...

You are so welcome! I do have to come get some new pics for your header... kisses to all my babies!

Goin_Coastal said...

Lovin' the new layout! What ever would we do w/out our Lissa? Oh, especially love the signature line...

Julie_3 said...

Hey Char, love the new layout and the new sig! Sounds like you think that we would take dozens of pics and paste them all over FB?! I will only bring two batteries to the hospital! :o)
Love ya girl