Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midweek update

Thank you Lord for the showers of rain!  We have had almost 2 inches of rain today.  It wasn't easy to get out of bed this morning, but it was nice to have the rain on our thirsty lawn.  Andrew is groaning b/c he knows the lawn will need to be mowed again.  Another reason I was excited to see the rain is b/c I know the cooler weather is on its way.  YAY!  I'm looking forward to the break from the south Georgia heat.
Emily and JJ ask every day when Jonathan is going to be born.  They are asking, 'How many more days?!'   They are getting as excited as I am.  We have finally decided that his name will be Jonathan David.  We were stuck between David and Eli as the middle name.  A majority of us liked David better, so the decision was made. 
Mike and Andrew mowed the lawn yesterday after they replaced a broken belt.  I moved storage boxes of clothes back into the shed (with Andrew's help.)  I let the little ones play outside b/c I knew rainy weather and cooler temps were coming.  They had a wonderful time running around w/o getting too hot.  Ian came over to play with them for a few minutes. 
Well, I have a desk to finish cleaning.  Love ya bunches! 

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Julie_3 said...

I am thankful for the rain and also have one complaining about mowing also! (Matthew)
Glad to hear all of your crew is so excited about the newest addition that will be here before we know it! Hope you have a great week!!! :o)