Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday is over.. time for the weekend.

The kids and I ventured to Savannah yesterday afternoon. We left a few minutes after Mike left for work. I was in my own little world driving along the interstate when a white truck started to pass me, then it slowed down beside me. It was my dear hubby and the guy he commutes with. They were waving like teenagers. LOL Of course, that got the kids all excited b/c they wanted to follow Daddy to work.
JJ needed shoes, so we went to the Savannah Mall. I wanted to check out some special sales Target was having on school supplies. I needed pens, etc. for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We made a run through the toy department... like these kids need more toys! JJ was excited to find some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. He bought Bebop, RockSteady, and a smaller figurine of Raphael with some of his birthday money. I found a few more sets that Andrew covered up in the back of the buggy for JJ's Christmas. Emily found a cash register that she wanted to buy with her birthday money. After about 5 minutes of hearing it beep and JJ talking into the microphone, I flipped the switch off. She kept telling me that batteries were dead. I told her that I had turned it off, but I wasn't telling her where the switch was located. Bekah bought a couple Disney princess figurines and a little musical set. Luke got a wooden bead maze. He played with it the rest of the time we were in the mall.
We didn't find JJ's shoes at the Savannah Mall, so we were off to the Oglethorpe Mall. I made a quick stop at a CVS for some Tylenol. I had a major headache that was about to get the best of me. If I wouldn't have stopped then to take something, Mike would have been coming to get us in about 15 minutes. It was HORRIBLE. First stop at the Oglethorpe Mall.... the food court. The kids inhaled their supper like they had not eaten in days. They love Chick-fil-A. I managed to find JJ some shoes at Kids FootLocker. Then I bought a few maternity shirts for myself at JCPenney. So much for NOT buying new maternity clothes. Andrew said I could get good use from the in the next pregnancy too. He is just too funny. We didn't see the guy w/ the rooster hair this time. Andrew told JJ to look for him. **rolls eyes** I would have crawled under a rack of clothes had we seen that guy again this trip. As a treat, we went to Barnes and Noble. Andrew and Laura found a few books but decided not to buy them there. They had gift cards to Books-A-Million. Andrew did buy himself four new shirts at Aeropostle. We went across the street to B-A-M. All the kids were in excited. JJ played w/ the train set the entire time. He wasn't happy when we had to leave. Andrew and Laura bought several books each.. imagine that, Lissa! The only book that Emily saw that she wanted was Goldilicious, but decided to wait until it is in paperback. I bought some books for Laura's Christmas.
On the way home, the light was on. I HAD to stop. I think there is some law that says you have to stop when the light is on. I am not one that likes to break the law, so I pulled "the bus" right into the parking lot. When I hopped outta the van, Emi and JJ started asking where I was going. Andrew told them I was getting a surprise. I guess I pulled in so fast, they didn't have time to see where we were. :) When we were leaving, JJ said, "I want my fries!" I told him I didn't buy him any fries to which he replied, "But Andrew said you were getting us fries!" Andrew had to explain to me the conversation. LOL By the way... as we were pulling out of the parking lot, Emi said, "Hey Mommy, I found the switch!" *** loud groan***
The ride home was relatively quiet. We did hear the occassional beep of the cash register, but then I think she fell asleep.
Look, I just rambled on about our trip to Savannah like someone would care! Today, I hope to get some cleaning done. I need to pick peas also. I keep forgetting to run out to the garden to check them. Love y'all bunches!

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mhsands said...

I tired just from reading about your "routine" trip! LOL!

Julie_3 said...
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Julie_3 said...

Charity, this sounds like the type of days I have in Savannah! I have been teasing my kids about getting red pens on sale at Office Max! It is almost upon us again though!
Girl, I am right there with you on the *light*... I can NOT leave Savannah without them. So did they get a prize??? Like at least one of those good lil treats when you got home?
My kids LOVE the bookstore! They would rather be naked than be without books!