Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just another day...

There is nothing major on the agenda today. I want to get the bedding washed and do a few more things around the house. It was so nice to be at home yesterday. When I told Emi yesterday that we weren't going anywhere, she said, "You mean we don't have to do corn?! Yay!" Think she is as sick of corn as I am?! We have figured out that JJ is allergic to the corn husks/silks. We did ride over to my parents' house for Andrew and Mike to cut off the pipe in Daddy's pond. One of the guys Mike works with drove down, and we rode out to the corn field to help him pick some corn for his family. Mike and Andrew got out and helped pick, and I stood outside talking to the guy's wife. The rest of the Hillians stayed in the van w/ it on and the a/c running. By the time we got home, JJ's eyes were puffy and watering b/c Andrew sat next to him after picking to corn. Poor lil man! I dosed him up w/ Benadryl, and he is much better today.
Coffee is kicking in... time to be productive. Love y'all bunches!

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Julie_3 said...

Hey Charity, glad to hear you are doing well. We will hopefully have corn soon and NONE of our family have any allergies to corn. We have so many allergies, it is amazing that we don't!

That is so sweet that even your kiddos were sick of it for a lil while. My kids were sick of peas this week.

Too many people complain about putting up veggies, glad to hear I have another "friend in the business."