Monday, June 22, 2009

Job completed... on to the next project.

We have finished up the corn for the year. On Saturday, we put up 34 quarts of cream corn and 11 bags of corn on cob (8-9 ears per bag). Today, we put up 33 quarts of cream corn and 32 bags of corn on cob. We gave 16 bags of the corn on the cob away, but we still have plenty in the freezer. The freezer is FULL. I'm hoping that I will be able to squeeze in a few bags of butter beans when I find some. I don't think I will be looking for them this week though. I need to let my freezer cool back down. I was on the phone w/ Lissa this afternoon when the alarm on the freezer went off to let me know the temp was above what it should be. I had just put a bunch of corn on the cob in there, so that was the problem.
We had a wonderful day yesterday. Daddy and Mama went to church at Rehoboth w/ us, so we didn't have to travel to Statesboro for their morning service. After church, we had a quick lunch w/ them and Papa & Grandma at Smith's. We needed a quick meal so that we could get home to take naps before having supper w/ Mike's side of the family in Statesboro. We had a great time w/ them at RJ's. Of course, Lissa was snapping pics the entire time. JJ had a wonderful time playing w/ Matt Matt. I'm so thankful we had the entire back room to ourselves. I'm wondering if they remembered the Hillians from our last visit. j/k
Well, I am completely exhausted, so I'm going to crash on the couch as soon as these pics download. Nothing fancy.. just sharing some pics of the corn experience. Don't you just love our looks.

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Julie_3 said...

Yeah, Hill pics!!! I hear on the veggies!! We have shelled 5 bushels of peas this week and put them up already! We need a break for the rest of the week, my thumbs (as well as the kids) are aching.
The veggies will be awesome later!!!!!

Mom of the Hillians said...

We are all dragging this morning!