Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't we just pretend Saturday is over already?!

I'm not sure what time I fell asleep on the couch, but I think it was 1am when I got in bed. Of course not long after I got my body comfy, the gauge on my bladder was registering full. Thank God the baby hasn't learned soccer or Judo yet, so I got to lay there for a few more minutes. Not long after getting comfy again, Mike's alarm sounded at 2am for him to get up for work. This chick did not get up to see her sweet hubby off to work. I know, I know... that isn't very nice. But not long after he left, I was back up to go to potty AGAIN. The muscle pains have really started to bother me. You would think that after carrying 6 babies to full-term that my muscles wouldn't have any probs stretching out. Wrong! If I roll over too fast, I feel like someone is slicing my sides open. OUCH!! Poor Mike always asks what he can do to help. Ummm, carry the baby for me and then go through delivery please. :) As the pregnancy progresses, he will have to help me roll over so that I don't have to use my stomach muscles as much. It is quiet funny!
Andrew and Papa left at 6am to go pick corn. Andrew was given strick orders to not let Papa come back w/ the back of the truck full. Papa and Mike tend to get a little carried away in the corn field. It is just too hot to be sitting outside all day working w/ corn. But when it is offered to you free, you get it when you can. Lissa, get busy putting up that corn for those men at home! LOL Grandma told Papa to get about 300 ears.... we will see if he actually listened. Last year, we put up 50-60 quarts of creamed corn and at least that many bags of corn on the cob w/8-10 ears each bag. It ain't happenin' today! Mike is working today, so we are shorthanded. And it is TOO HOT! Plus, we are getting together w/ Daddy's family tonight for a late birthday meal for Papa.
Luke started standing himself up yesterday. He thinks he is something on a stick b/c he can stand up in the middle of the floor now w/ no help. If he starts walking today, I'm gonna chop his little legs off. LOL He could be nice and wait until next week sometime. He took 5 or 6 steps one night this week, b/c Laura had a soccer ball that he wanted.
I have been so productive this morning. I folded a load of clothes and started another load washing. I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it. I am updating my blog. I have things ready to leave as soon as Grandma calls to say the men are back w/ the corn. You should be impressed b/c I am NOT a morning person. I am more productive after 2-3 cups of coffee. I hadn't even had any coffee when all this was done. Well, everything but the blog was done. You don't want me sitting in front of the computer w/o coffee. Something is bound to crash.
I'm finished rambling for the morning. I want to get another load of laundry washing. Hopefully the guys will be home soon. The longer they stay gone, the more nervous I get. Love y'all bunches!

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mhsands said...

I've come to the conclusion that it is just as good from the store. I might would pick it, but putting it up is another story.

Mom of the Hillians said...

No, it isn't just as good from the store. :P And there really isn't that much to putting it up in the freezer. We just do so much that it is a major job.