Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is it really Thursday?

This morning is a little better. My headache is only a slight ache. I am taking Tylenol just to keep it from getting worse. I made an appointment w/ the chiropractor for tomorrow afternoon. Maybe he can snap and pop me back into place. I have to be feeling better for this weekend. Lukey Dukey's first birthday party is Saturday morning. Then Mike and I are running away for a few hours to have an anniversary date. Wooohooo! Looking forward to a little time alone w/ my man. I feel like I haven't seen him this week. He is awake just long enough to eat and get the little ones hyped up, then he is off to work.
Emi got up this morning wanting to play a game on her computer. Not long after she started playing, JJ decided to join the land of the living and came stumbling out of his room. Now JJ is playing on the computer. Emi and Bekah are playing at the table w/ the little counting bears from their Saxon math manipulatives. Lukey is being a busybody. I had to get him out of Andrew's room earlier. When I went in there, he was pushing a soccer ball out of the room. He loves balls already. Be careful if you ever hand him something that looks like a ball, b/c he will throw it. I have also had to chase him from under my desk a few times.
I went to my parents' house last night for a few hours. The kids were happy to see Honey (Granddaddy) and Granny. Grandma Laura was there, so that was an added bonus. Honey took the kids out to feed the fish, which they loved. After supper, the kids and Honey had Granny put them in a Christmas movie (How the Grinch Stole Christmas.) Yes, they watch Christmas movies year round. My mama has trained them right, as she says. After the Grinch was over, they started watching Santa Clause the Movie. They didn't get to finish watching it, b/c I made them get up and clean the mess in the playroom. It was getting late, and I didn't want to have to carry little ones one by one from the van when we got home. I managed to keep them awake on the ride home by asking them to help me look for deer.
Well, off to go put towels on the clothesline. Hoping the rain will hold off until they are dry. Have a wonderfully blessed day!
Love ya bunches!

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mhsands said...

Can Matthew go with you? Maybe they can snap and pop him back into place...