Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's so good to be home!

As nice as it is to go away on vacation, it is soooo much nicer to be back home. My heart is definitely here. We had a great time visiting Grandma Marge in Iowa. We did get to go to the zoos in Kansas City, MO, and Des Moines, IA. We had a wonderful time. We DID get snow on Saturday... 3-5 inches! I'm definitely not cut out for living in that part of the country.
The first full day we were at Grandma's, Emily made a funny. I cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. B/c Aunt Charity does a lot of things old fashioned, I poured the bacon grease in a jar, but left the bacon drippings to season the eggs. Emi asked how I cooked eggs. I told her that I cracked the eggs and stirred them up. Her reply was, "And then you burn them?" LOL Does wonders for the confidence in my cooking skills!
Jacob bought a pack of plastic frogs at the Kansas City Zoo. That night Emi had a brilliant idea... "Hey Jacob, how 'bout we share these frogs?" JJ's reply, "How 'bout you put them down and I will get them. How 'bout that?!" Oh my goodness, we all had a good laugh at that one. He is such a stinker.
Luke now thinks that he should sleep w/ me and Mike each night. Thank you Mike! Daddy doesn't think he should cry himself to sleep. Hmmmm.... didn't seem to bother him w/ the others. I am determined to reclaim my bed!
Hope you enjoy these pics. It is just a sample of the pics we took.

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mhsands said...

My babies are so stink'n cute! Check out to make a video with your pics to embed into your blog.