Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just checking in...

We are in Iowa visiting Grandma Marge. We left Friday at 2am. Boy, was that a long day! We were in Columbia, MO, by 6:30pm (home time). We were all glad to see a bed that night. The next morning, we took our time getting dressed and had a late breakfast at Cracker Barrell. JJ has asked every morning since if we can go eat at Cracker Barrell. We arrived in Leon, IA by 4:30pm (EST.) This time change is killing me.
Sunday, we went to see Grandma. She was as excited to see us as we were to see her. Luke went right to her w/out a wimper. JJ loved telling her all about his Ninja Turtle. Bekah just walked around the room checking things out. Uncle Charlie, Aunt Judy, and Channy came over Sunday afternoon to visit w/ us a while.
Yesterday, we went to Jamesport, MO, to an Amish community. We went into the candle shop there. It isn't owned by the Amish, but they have the best candles. Then, we went out to an Amish owned dairy farm. They make their own cheeses. We sampled some and bought about $50 in cheese. I'm sure as I'm typing this that Mike and the kids are at Grandma's house snacking on cheese and crackers. On Tuesdays, the dairy makes the cheese, and they have a viewing room for visitors to watch. Too bad we went on Monday.
Tomorrow we plan to visit the zoo in Kansas City, MO. Thursday, (weather permitting) we will be visiting the Des Moines zoo. You know we have to take the monkeys to see the monkeys. We may have a little snow Friday or Saturday. (I'm hoping not!)
Well, time to sign off for now. I'm at the BIG library here in Leon. This computer is almost as slow as mine at home. LOL I have to find Laura. She is roaming around the library, if you can imagine that.
Oh, thank you "Book Fairy" for the books that you had the "Book Elf" to deliver before we left. It was a nice surprise for the kids when they went outside to clean out the van for the trip.
Love to all!


mhsands said...

Wear them out good for the trip home! LOL

You won't believe this... the books I had bought for Andrew and Laura to take with them are on the little chair in my room (one includes a sudoku book for Miss Laura). I knew something just wan't right when I was getting them together... Guess the "Book Elf" will have to make another trip! LOL

Goin_Coastal said...

Sounds like a great trip & lots of fun. Enjoy!! The Mobleys