Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No relaxing around here!

Oh man! It has been a busy day around here. As soon as the sun started peaking from behind the clouds, I started washing clothes. It was such a nice day that I decided to hang them on the clothesline... cuz Aunt Charity does a lot old fashion things like that. I think I have done 5 loads so far. Miss washing the clothes over the weekend and a mountain forms in the laundry room. After Mike left for work, the kids went outside to play. They were in need of some sunshine, and I was in need of some quiet time. I decided to wash the "bus", so Andrew went to Papa & G-ma's to get a ladder. Yes, I need a ladder to clean the top. I think it took us an hour and half to get the thing washed good. I didn't realize the thing was THAT BIG! At least it is done. The kids loved the time outside, and I'm hoping they will be ready for bed soon.
Well, I'm off to play on Facebook for a few minutes. Then it will be time to fold clothes.

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mhsands said...

Oh yeah, Aunt Charity does a lot of old fashion things (hang out clothes, cook popcorn on the stove, makes juice, etc.)! LOL!