Sunday, March 15, 2009

Noooooo, the weekend can't be over already!

Please tell me that this is NOT Sunday night. Where has my weekend gone? I want a redo!
We made it to church this morning. We had nursery duty, so unless you had a child in the nursery you would think we played hookie. I managed to take a nap w/ Luke after Mike left for work. I didn't get a good night sleep due to the fact that I was sleeping between Luke and JJ. Luke woke up several times crying, so I put him in bed w/ me around 2am, I think. Then, JJ was standing in my doorway crying around 4am b/c he was having bad dreams. Andrew stayed the night w/ Granddaddy and Granny, so JJ was sleeping alone. He slept on Mike's side of the bed until Mike got home at 5am. Then to the couch Mike carried him. By 6:30am, JJ was back in our doorway crying w/ another bad dream. From then until a few minutes after 8am, it was Luke, me, Mike, and JJ in a queen size bed. We HAVE to get a king size!
I am slowly ticking off the things on my "to do" list for the week. I cleaned out all the kids' junk that had accumulated in the van. I have checked on prices for the aquarium in Chattanooga. Mike and I will make final decisions about what we will be doing on the way home and when, and I will be set to buy tickets for everything.
Okay, I'm going to put some Hillians to bed before I run out of patience.

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mhsands said...

The weekend does fly by! I would like a 2 day work week and 5 day weekend. Or at least a job that is from 10 - 2, with an hour for lunch! :)