Friday, March 13, 2009

Just another day...

Today was a typical day in the Hill house... coffee, schoolwork, laundry, cook lunch, more laundry, etc. Luke is cranky again today. Man, I wish he would cut a few teeth already. Someone please remind me of that comment when I'm complaining about him biting me while nursing. Laura spent a good bit of the afternoon online looking up info about King Tut and China's Terracota army. We are going to take the kids to see the exhibits in ATL on the way home from Iowa. We thought it would be a treat for Andrew and Laura, since we are going to drag them through a few zoos while we are gone. LOL
This time next week, we hope to be somewhere in Missouri. Emi and JJ have asked me a dozen times today if we are going to see Grandma Marge tomorrow. JJ wants to show her the booboo he has on the bottom of his foot. LOL
Well, I'm off to watch Madea's Class Reunion. Sarah brought it over to watch.


Bobbie said...

Don't wish the teeth in too soon. Before you know it, he'll need braces. Love ya! Bobbie

MHSands said...

I'll kiss Jacob's boo-boo! LOL