Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it Friday yet?!

I am so ready for the weekend, not that it will be any less busy. At least I will have an excuse to sit down on Saturday morning. I will be taking the kids to watch the parade. The church is having a float again this year for the Upward sports league, but I don't think we will ride.
Luke is so cranky today. If he isn't better by tomorrow, he is going to the doctor to make sure an ear infection isn't starting from the teething. We have traded off this morning trying to calm him down. It slowed our schoolwork to a crawl.
Emily says she is going to Canada. She says she has a friend named Chansley that lives there. Chansley is allergic to cake, and all she can eat is spaghetti. Oh good grief. Where do they get their imaginations from?!
Jacob has been pretty calm today. He is actually taking a nap. Let's just pray he doesn't wake up w/ boat loads of energy. At least it is nice outside, and he can go out to play.
Lukey Duke is crying again, so I'm off to see if I can calm him down.

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MHSands said...

I'm sorry Luke isn't feeling well. That Emily needs to come spend some time with her Aunt Lissa! When I set your blog up, I didn't change the colors in the layout. The green (archive, comments, etc) doesn't go... Change it black and see if that works better. Your headings could be in hot pink. TTYL