Sunday, April 30, 2017

Overwhelmed and Grateful

As I sit here tonight waiting for the Hillians to FINALLY get in bed, I realize just how overwhelmed I am.  Hear me out!  Yes, I have an endless list of things I need to do.... laundry, dishes, orders to process, Thank You notes to write, etc.  Can all my mommy friends give me a huge AMEN?!  But that isn't the overwhelmed I am talking about.

This morning our pastor talked about God as a warrior.  I have thought about it all day.  It overwhelms me to think that God goes to war for me Every. Single. Day.  He loves me THAT MUCH! And He loves YOU that much too.  Even when I am running as fast as I can in the opposite direction, He is fighting for me.  He goes to war against everything in this world that pulls me away from His will.  It overwhelms me to think that I could be loved that much.  WOW!

I am grateful for that love and the grace He gives me.  I am grateful for the blessings He has given me.  I have a husband that loves me even though I drive him insane most of the time.  We were blessed with a larger than normal family.  We are expecting our first GrandHillian in late October.  All of this overwhelms me too... with gratitude.

Take the time to think about all you have been blessed with.  We are TOO BLESSED to be stressed!!  Until next time!
Love ya bunches!


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Alicia said...

Congratulations on the Grandbaby!!! So Exciting!