Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Almost a year has passed and so much has happened...

Wow!  I really dropped the ball, didn't I?!  I can't believe I let all this time pass without updating everyone. So, let me begin...
In March, Mike and I revisited an option of buying a home that we looked at a year before.  The home had been completely dried in and the walls where framed inside.  There was just a small amount of the rough-in plumbing done. The deep well was already dug.  There was a 1200 sq ft metal shop that was finished on the advertised 5 acres of land.  Did I mention the house was advertised as 5000 sq ft?!  Mike and I had decided against pursuing the house the previous year, because the owners were asking too much.  I found the house listed in the paper with the asking price reduced by $60,000.  It was enough to convince us to jump on it.  When the land survey was completed, we ended up with 5.43 acres of land.  We are also going to be able to finish the attic with two more bedrooms, a full bathroom, a sitting area, and storage, adding another 1000 sq ft to the house. The picture below is the back of the house.  I will add more pictures as I can.

We closed on the house on May 16.  Little did we know just 4 days later our lives would be turned inside out and upside down.  A few minutes before 6am on May 20, I got a phone call that I hope I never have to receive again.  Mike was on his way into work when he was in a terrible auto accident.  We were sent from Statesboro to Augusta because of his injuries, which included broken bones in his neck, broken clavicle, broken sternum, 4 broken ribs, broken vertebrae in the lower back, left "wing" of pelvis was broken in several pieces, and a bruised colon. When they went in to fix the pelvis early the next morning, they found that the skin had separated from muscle from hip to hip when the seat belt locked. They had to cut him from hip to hip to repair it.  We spent 9 days in the hospital and then the next 8 weeks or so recovering at home.  Our God is so good though.  We felt His mighty hands all over us during that time.
Just 4 days after Mike's accident, our oldest child Andrew graduated high school as an Honor graduate.  It was difficult sitting here watching him graduate with the empty seat beside me.  Through the amazing technology of FaceTime, Mike was able to watch his oldest son receive his high school diploma while lying in a hospital bed two hours away.  I think Andrew also FaceTimed with his daddy just a few minutes before the ceremony started.  I ate a quick lunch w/ my family before rushing back to Augusta to be with Mike.

The new school year has started.  Laura is now a senior at our local high school.  She is running Cross Country, and I love cheering her on. We are homeschooling Emi, JJ, Bekah Rae, Lukey, and Jon Jon.  The days are very interesting.  We are incorporating a lot of life skills into our days.  I have been showing the little ones snacks they can cook for themselves in the microwave with my microwave dishes.  They LOVE that independence.  We are also making many trips over to the house to work when we can.  We haven't been able to do as much of the work ourselves that we had hoped to do b/c of Mike's wreck, but we are trusting God's plan for our lives.
I pray this finds all well.  Love ya bunches!



Alicia said...

So good to see your post. I'm sorry for the hard times you have had but rejoice in God's blessings this past year. Graduating a child and getting a new roomy home is such a blessing. Glad to hear your husband is doing better. God Bless.

Mom of the Hillians said...

Thank you, Alicia. It has been an eventful year. I didn't even put in the post that I had hip surgery on Sept. 18. Oh my goodness! I'm ready for a break. Hope you all are well.