Sunday, February 10, 2013

What a weekend!!

Our excitement started Thursday afternoon.  Mike, Jonathan, and I had been in Vidalia running errands all day.  We picked up the kids from school and headed home.  We had been home about 30 minutes when Emi told us that she was hurting in her right side.  She said she had started hurting at school and wasn't able to do what the other kids were doing in P.E. because of the pain.  After a quick search online and a squeeze of the belly resulting in me fearing she was about to knock me out, Mike and I were running out the door with her by 4pm.  We went to the immediate care in the 'Boro.  The place was packed, but we were finally able to see the doctor.  He pressed around on her tummy and then ordered blood work.  Her white blood cell were elevated which made him suspect her appendix.  Because our insurance doesn't cover the hospital in the 'Boro, we were off to Savannah for a ct scan in the horrible rain.
Drinking her first bottle of "Yummy"

Drinking her second bottle of "Yummy"

Reading before surgery

In Recovery

She was so sick of siting in bed.

Reading after surgery

Project Linus quilt

Talking to Makenna

The doctor from the immediate care center had to called ahead to tell them we were on our way.  The surgeon ordered the ct scan and Emi was given a "yummy fruit milkshake" to drink.  She had to drink one bottle, wait an hour, drink a second bottle, wait an hour, then off to ct scan.   The surgeon told us he was admitting us for observation, so that meant I was making a late night trip to Walmart for toothbrushes, toothpaste, undies, etc.  You know, all those things you will need to be in the hospital for a day or two.  Just before I got back to the hospital, poor Emi vomitted up the first bottle of "milkshake".  We waited an hour, then started the second bottle.  The nurse said if she was able to drink 3/4 of the bottle, she would be happy.  Well...... almost one hour later and only 1/3 of the bottle gone, Emi vomitted up that portion.  The nurse said she wasn't going to force Emi to drink anymore and they would do the best they could with what they had to work with.  God is good, and Emi had enough of the junk in her for the ct scan to see what it needed to see.

They took us straight to our room from the Radiology department.  At this point, it was around 1:45am.  The nurse said we probably wouldn't know the results until morning. Almost as soon as she got that out of her mouth, her phone rang and she said it was confirmed that Emi had appendicitis.  It was probably close to 3am before we were able to get some sleep.  A pediatrician from Savannah was in our room by 6:30am evaluating Emi.  After that, sleeping was impossible.  When the surgeon came in to talk to us, he found Emi reading. He had Emi read him some of the book and was very impressed at her reading ability. He explained everything to Emi that he was going to do.  We were in surgery within an hour.

As soon as Emi was awake enough, she was reading again.  She sat up in the chair for over an hour and half for the first time.  Poor baby got sick.  I felt terrible for her.  I would do anything to take the pain away.  God is so good, because Emi wasn't in severe pain.  She said she is sore where she was cut, but it is easily managed with OTC meds.  She got to talk to her cousin Makenna from Pennsylvania.  Thank you KennaBug for praying for Emi.  She was able to sleep all night with no meds.

I want to show you the beautiful quilt Emily got from the hospital.  These quilts are made by volunteers for a program known as Project Linus.  Isn't it beautiful?!  The lady said she tried to make it up to our room before she had surgery, but she got busy.

I woke up yesterday morning with a headache and sore throat.  It isn't strep throat sore, but sinus drainage puddling sore.  It had my ears stopped up and hurting.  Mike got me some meds.  By the way we got home last night, I had a lowgrade fever.  This morning, the fever was a little higher.  I have tried to rest off and on, but lets be honest, that doesn't happen around here like I wanted.  Mike had to go back to work tonight.

We appreciate all the prayers, calls, and texts that we have received over the past few days.  We will never be able to express how much it meant to us.  We are at home, but we are trying to rest and recover.  We do ask that you give us a few more days to regain our strength if you are planning to visit.  With me having fever, I don't want to make you sick either.  I do ask for your prayers as I go to the cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  I have been having some issues lately, but I haven't had them checked out with everyone being sick the past few months.  With the insistence of Mike and my dear friend Michelle, I have made the appointment with my cardiology.  I am sure he will lecture me about waiting so long to go in. I will update more later.  Time for me to take some more sinus meds, get the Hillians to bed, then crash.

Love ya bunches!

** Sorry the pics are all at the beginning of the post.  That is the way they loaded and I feel too bad to attempt to fix them.**


Joyful_Momma said...

Poor girlie! I'm glad everything went well.

Melissa Sands said...

Love that girl! Glad she is on the mend! Feel better!

An Inviting Home said...

Wow, that is a lot to deal with in one winter! You deserve that added bonus of less germs next year! :-)