Sunday, November 27, 2011

Please tell me...

the Thanksgiving break is not almost over!  I am not ready to go back to our school schedule.  I have loved having the kiddos at home, even though they probably think I was in full drill sargeant mode.  Yes, I thought they would get their rooms spotless, but it didn't happen.  Guess that means I will be cleaning them myself, which means things will disappear FOREVER! :o)

I enjoyed our Thanksgiving break.  Mike was off all week, and he made me a stand for our Christmas stockings.  I will post pictures later.  I have stuff from the laundryroom in the livingroom, b/c Mike and Andrew worked on my dryer yesterday.  They are going to work on the freezer next week, so the stuff hasn't been put back.  We put our tree up this week and have enjoyed it.  Luke fell into the Christmas tree while trying to get a candy cane.  Jonathan climbed up on the counter using a barstool and discovered he couldn't get back down.  We heard him yelling "I tuck!  I tuck!"  I got to see a million of JJ's mischievous grins this week.  Andrew worked the beginning of the week.  Laura, Emi, and Bekah got to spend a few days w/ Honey, Granny, and BooBoo, and the boys were NOT allowed.

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful.  Laura and I stayed up late Wednesday baking cakes and making fudge.  Then Mike got up Thursday morning and baked some cookies while I ironed clothes for pictures.  We had lunch w/ Mike's brother, sisters, and their "chillrens."  I look at each of them and want to make them stop growing so fast.  Melissa took Laura and Hannah to take some AMAZING pics of two beautiful young ladies.  Then we took pics of the whole clan.  Lemme tell ya.... getting our crew to take a picture is a job.  Think adding another 11 people to the mix.  It was a FUNNNNNAY experience.  The people in the park probably thought we were all a little looney.  Melissa done a wonderful job with the pictures, as usual.  Can't wait to share them with you all.  After our crew was finished with pics, we went to spend a little time with my mama's side of the family.  Again, TONS of laughs!  We got to see my cousins that have just moved back from California.  We hadn't seen them in 4 years.  We were sick with a virus the time they came to visit.  After visiting with the Johnson side, we came home to whip up a quick dish before going to have supper with the Thompson side.  Adam called while we were eating.  I am so excited, b/c we will get to see them in less than a month.  After all of the fun from the day, you know I was up for some Black Friday shopping.... NOT!!  I stayed my butt in my nice warm bed.  I did feel like I had been beaten by the mob in Walmart, b/c I was sandwiched between Mike and the two lil boys in our queen size bed for most of the night.

I have too many blessings to begin to count here, but I do thank God for His saving grace.  I thank Him for my wonderful family.  I thank Him for the friends He has put in my life.  May I use each day to bring Him glory.  I pray that He will use me for His will.  I want others to see Him when they see me.  I want to live my life to bring Him glory in EVERYTHING that I do.  I am not perfect and I know I will stumble; but I don't want to use that as an excuse or a crutch to live a lukewarm life.  I want to be on fire for Him.

Now, my bed is screaming my name.  It will be time for church in a few hours.  Tomorrow is my turn to help in the nursery.  Love ya bunches!

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