Sunday, October 9, 2011

A couple of Luke funnies

Luke has given us plenty of laughs the past few days.  The first laugh started before supper Thursday night.  The kids played outside for several hours after school since they had no homework and no school the next day.  To say that Luke was filthy was an understatement.  Andrew gave him a bath while Laura and I got the table ready for supper.  Andrew said as he was trying to wash Luke's hair to remove the acre of sand he had in there, Luke said, "Hey!  You can't use that girl 'poo'!!  I don't have girl hair!"  Andrew was clueless what girl 'poo' was until Luke said he didn't have girl hair.  He had grabbed my shampoo instead of Mike's shampoo.  So my question to you is... do you use girl 'poo' or boy 'poo' to wash your hair?! hehehe

Later that night, Luke informed Laura and me that he wanted to go to the moon.  Of course, Laura was all too happy to jump on that one and run with it.  She had him pack his backpack with a pillow and blanket.  He had on a stocking cap.  Andrew came into the livingroom and added fuel to the fire.  They had him get a flashlight, put on some shoes, and even had a plastic hammer to hit the aliens with if they messed with him.  Laura told him he would need a spaceship and to tell me to buy him one.  They must've had him going for 30 minutes about going to the moon.  They finally convinced him that he needed to get sleep so that I could take him to the moon the next day.  Gee thanks Andrew & Laura!  Needless to say, I had to hear all day Friday that I needed to buy him a spaceship, so he could go to the moon.  When Andrew & Laura got home, Luke insisted that Andrew take him to the moon.  What was Andrew to do?!  He told Luke that he didn't know how to get to the moon, but Mommy knew!  That stinker!!  Luke decided that he needed a map, which he found.... a map of Colorado!  But to him, it looked like the moon.  LOL!  He carried the map around for a couple of hours, opening it up every few minutes to look at the moon. :o)  He finally put his map in his backpack along with the blanket and pillow.  Then he started wearing Andrew down.  Needless to say, Andrew ended up strapping Luke's carseat into the truck and off they went to find their way to the moon!  They drove around for about 10 minutes.  Andrew pretended to be lost and told Luke that he didn't know which way to go to get to the moon.  Lukey replied, "Oh wait, I got a map!"  Andrew finally convinced Luke that they needed to come back home and try again another day.  All weekend, Lukey has come up to me to tell me that I needed to buy him a spaceship.

Life would be so boring around here without these kiddos!  I can't imagine my life without this family that God has blessed me with.  I pray you are well.  Love ya bunches!


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