Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little snuggle time

Luke woke up just a few minutes ago with a nasty cough.  He says his throat hurts.  Although I hate when my kiddos are sick, I have to admit I am loving this snuggle time.  I have Lukey snuggled up on my left side and the laptop balanced on my right leg.  Please excuse any typos, because I am typing with one hand.  Lukey is NEVER still, so I have to grab this time when I can.

I get a little overwhelmed with Luke's activities at time, but I have to remind my that he is just very curious.  Michelle says he is going to be a chef or artist, but he is always into t!he food or making "creative messes."  I can hear her laughing now.  Sometimes, I think he is going to be an engineer, because he can figure things out so easily.  It only took him a matter of seconds to figure out how to pop the baby latches on the cabinet doors...... grab the straps and pull them until they pop open.  Then he learned that he could unlock Laura's door with a hair clip.  If he wants anything out of a high cabinet, he just pulls up a barstool and climbs up onto the counter.  One day, he will be grown and these times will be memories.  I need to treasure each moment and thank God for blessing us with this little live wire.  And pray that I survive! :o)

Going to enjoy this snuggle time.  Love ya bunches!

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mommyx12 said...

I agree. I don't like sick children but I love snugglie children. Generation pics are so fun. I have a 5 generation somewhere on my blog. It is my husbands grandmother, his mother, him, our daughter and her little ones. I think they are great to have and to be cherished.