Saturday, December 4, 2010

No signs of slowing down

What a busy week!  Just when I think we are going to have a slow week, the calendar fills up.  This week was filled with dentist appointments, school, finishing touching on a couponing class presentation, teaching the couponing class, shopping, and ending the week with participating in the To Statesboro with Love at First Baptist Church Statesboro.  It makes me tired just typing it all.

Jonathan has been taking a few steps here and there, but he would rather crawl to get to something.  Guess he figures crawling is faster.  I'm not complaining that he isn't walking either!  He watches everything Luke does which scares the ba-jeebies outta me!  We all know the excitement Luke can cause around here.  Now think if our sweet little Jonathan follows Lukey's example.  Lord help us all! 

Yes, you did read that I taught my first couponing class this week.  I loved it!  It was a LOT of work getting the PowerPoint and booklet ready and I still need to do some tweeking to both, but I look forward to teaching the next class.  My truly AMAZING hubby went with me.  I wanted him to come along so he could give me some feedback on how it went.  I LOVE YOU MIKE!!!

Well, Mt. Washmore is calling my name.  Love ya bunches!

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