Friday, November 12, 2010

She is walking with Jesus!

Aunt Lisa got to meet Jesus a few minutes before 12:30pm today!!  We are praising God that her pain and suffering is now over.  She has her healing and is at peace.  What a testimony she leaves behind of her faith in the ULTIMATE HEALER!  I pray that I can have that kind of faith and peace to know that God is always in control and His ways are perfect.  She has been strong and fought hard.  Now she is resting at Jesus' feet.  Please pray for the family as they face the next few days.  Lift Uncle Marty, Colby, Devin, Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Loretta (her parents) and Vicky (her sister) up in prayers for peace and comfort.  Thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed over the past 2 years.  We love you all!
This picture was taken Oct. 17th.  We love you Aunt Lisa and will miss you always.  But we rejoice with you now!

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