Friday, October 15, 2010

Gotta get better...

Yep, I have been a blog slacker again.  I think about it, but it is always when I am doing something else.  Things happen around here and I think, "That needs to go on the blog." Then I forget it.  I know, I know!! 
Just the other day, I was making grape Kool-aid for lunch.  Bekah said, "Dat's my fave-it!  You da bess Mommy in da whole wide world!"  She had the sweetest look on her face.  My baby girl is growing up too fast.  all of the kids are.

For some reason, I had in my mind that I still had 2 or 3 weeks until Andrew's 16th birthday.  It hit me Wednesday that his birthday is NEXT FRIDAY!  That sent me scrambling to find a place to have the party that would have enough room for everyone to sit down to eat.  I was able to find a place, but it wasn't available until Oct. 30.  YAY!  I get extra time to plan now.  I have to look through pictures to find all the good ones we want to share with everyone.  hehehe!  He is going to be so excited about it.  Kara is looking through her pics and sending them back down with Sarah.  Lissa, let me know if you find some good ones!

After Andrew's party, we will have to jump right into planning Jonathan's 1st bday party.  Wow!  Two big milestones so close together.  I can't believe my BABY is going to be one.  I don't know which is hardest to accept... Andrew being 16 or Jonathan being 1.  Either way, it is going to be a super busy month for us.

Well, I must finish clipping my coupons and get my shopping trip planned out.  Mike has given me a challenge and I'm doing to best to meet it. :o)  Love ya bunches! 

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